About Us

Swachh was founded by Mr. Deepak Pokar in 2009 with vision of providing quality cleaners for daily household cleaning needs, which help you to make your home clean and keep you healthy.

All of Swachh products are made with quality raw material which ensures quality results for your daily cleaning tasks. For More information please explore our products Page.

Swachh Products can be used at

  • Education Centre(s)
  • Pharmacy Company(s)
  • Dairy segment(s)
  • Banking & Insurance sector(s)
  • Food Industry(s)
  • Metal Industry(s)
  • Automobile sector(s)
  • Brewery Unit(s)
  • FM Industry(s)
  • Medium and Small office(s)
  • Hospital(s)
  • Hotel(s)

and every segment where cleaning is needed..